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Introducing the founders of Purpose2Destiny TK Limited

Twin sisters, Taiwo Adesina and Kehinde Adesina, who are residents of the United Kingdom, are London based lawyers, writers and Professional/Certified Life and Business Coaches.

On Friday, 27th June 2014, at the Nigerian Centenary Award UK (2014), Taiwo and Kehinde received an award each in the Legal category, having being recognised for their work and contribution to the United Kingdom and for being one of the Outstanding and Influential TOP 100 NIGERIANS in the UK.

Both Taiwo and Kehinde, who are of Nigerian heritage, are the only twins practising as Prosecutors in the whole of the United Kingdom. Their uniqueness and contribution was noted by their employer, the Crown Prosecution Service who did an Article on them in the New Nation on 12th January 2009.

They are Directors and joint founders of Purpose2Destiny TK Limited’. Through their Company, they provide Life and Business Coaching and a wealth of resources to help individuals/Business Owners discover their purpose, vision and arrive at their destination. They provide workshops, seminars; coaching, guidance, direction, motivation and encouragement to kick start your journey to success.

Their lives Purpose are:

1) To enlighten, empower and transform others’ lives through means of one to one and group coaching sessions

2) To awaken others to understand that their lives have meaning and purpose and that they have been destined for greatness

3) To enable others identify their skills, talents and abilities so that they can utilise these to fulfil their purpose

4) To encourage others to identify where they are now and where they want to be and enable them find options and solutions to close the gap so that they can become more successful

5) To enable others take control of their future and set positive, relevant and empowering goals that will improve the quality of their lives forever by utilising the skills, talents and abilities that they have to be creative

6) To enable Business Owners create a crystal clear vision for their ultimate business success and the perfect lifestyle Business they like their business to provide;

7) To assist Business Owners uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging their business growth;

8) To help turn Businesses into a highly profitable, revenue-generating enterprises that practically runs itself;

They also have experience in Book writing, publishing and marketing books; Life and Business Coaching and public speaking. They are authors of several books covering subject matters within the Christian faith, Immigration and wealth creation.

Books published by Taiwo & Kehinde (also in eBooks) are entitled:

1.      Become All That God Has Created You To Be
2.      A Simple Guide To Uk Immigration
3.      You Are Blessed
4.      The Beginners’ Guide To Writing, Self-Publishing And Marketing A Book
5.      The Beginners’ Guide To Wealth Creation
6.      Hearing God’s Voice
What we can do for you

• Assistance with generating options for creating multiple streams of income
• Life Coaching for personal development
• Business Coaching for Business Owners
• Coaching book writing / publishing / marketing
• Workshops/Seminars
• Motivational speaking at events / churches / Schools
• Coaching on generating options for creating Wealth

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